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ronny dybfest

I have had a versatile professional life where I have tried different things. In short terms: carpenter, 15 years in the army, firefighter +++. I have many different hobbies such as: Outdoor life / trips, diving, shooting, hunting and sailing.

I grew up with a sailboat in the family and among other things i have sailed 4 summers in Greece and 2 in Croatia plus a whole lot from Trøndelag to Lofoten.

The interest in sailing has increased over the years and became more apparent in adulthood. I decided in 2018 to try to work freelance, to be able to work with something I liked and to have the opportunity to decide my working day / pace myself. In 2019, I lost my best hiking friend through 10 years, my Alaskan Malamute (Inca). I felt a void quite quickly and signed up for a site called There I met Monica and I would say it was a jackpot in terms of interests, lifestyle and desire to follow our dreams. Because of covid the situation that arose, the company plans were put on hold for a while. For the last 2 years I have been freelancing as a skipper to various companies during the summer season. But now we have realized our plans and are ready for new challenges in creating our own workplace where we like it best, on a trip! Looking forward to meeting you on our trips, sharing my experiences and getting to know you and your story/dreams better.

Regards. Ronny Dybfest

Raido Journeys Ronny Dybfest
Om oss: About Us

monica damli arntzen

Love to be outside ...over water, under water or on a mountain top.

In the last few years, I have chosen not to work full time, to have more time for the things that give me joy in life.

In addition to my job as a dental assistant, i am also a yoga teacher and have my own little yoga studio in our "barn".

I like climbing, free diving, kayaking, skiing, and if it is too cold and dark outside, group training are my favorite.

I have an active lifestyle and i`m constantly looking for new adventures, BUT at the same time I love the peace and quiet that nature gives me.

It's all about balance, you need both activity and rest.

"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness." 

The modern world has distanced people from nature, but nature is so important for our physical and mental health.
I want to share wonderful nature experiences with you, and show you all the magic nature has to offer!


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raido journeys

"Raido is the rune of travel and manifestation. It is said that it is easier to speak of travel than it is to do the traveling. Hold Raido and be aware of your thoughts and how they manifest in the world around you.

It represents travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction.

The rune predicts a Journey, vacation, relocation, evolution, change of place or setting.

It allows seeing a larger perspective. Seeing the right move for you to make and deciding upon it.

It symbolizes personal rhythm, world rhythm and the dance of life ".



We are inspired by Viking history and especially the spiritual part and the deep connection the Vikings had to nature and creation. Our signature tour goes in the Vikings' waters to the west.

From Ørlandet and out towards Shetland, the Orkney Islands and the Faroe Islands. On this trip, we emphasize Viking history and historical sites, in addition to regular tour experiences.

Our trips are a bit about getting away from stress, hustle and the everyday life. We encourage you to look at your watch as little as possible and maybe even take a digital "detox" while you are on tour with us! We strive to be as much as possible at anchor and as little as possible in ports, they can be both cramped and noisy, but of course we make a stop where we need it.

We also hope you can learn something from us on the trip, whether it is sailing, navigation, knots, fishing, gutting fish, appreciating nature and the experiences and challenges it gives us. Take back the curious person who may have gotten a little lost in the digital and busy world. we also look forward to learning from your stories, thoughts and experiences.

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