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Shetland / Faroe Islands / Orkney Islands

brekstad-shetland-orkney islands-bergen
15 days

Early bird price //  33.000, -

(When booking no later than 2 months before departure)  


Ordinary price // 36,000

June 2022 // Date to come ...


Meeting place: Brekstad Kai

Time: at 11.00

The trip ends in: Bergen

Our Story


This trip goes from Brekstad (outside Trondheim) to Shetland and the Orkney Islands, and ends in Bergen.

This is an indicative program.
We make reservations about really bad weather and wind and can change the order / cancel destinations for safety reasons, should such a situation arise. We do this to get the best possible experience and to be able to take the best possible care of our guests.

A trip to Shetland, the Orkney Islands and the Faroe Islands is a journey back in history.

The population has strong Scandinavian ties from when the Vikings came to the islands more than 1000 years ago.

We are walking along magnificent coastlines with cliffs plunging into the sea, hiking in the open, green landscape and we visit a number of historical sights.

Day 1

We start with check-in and review of the program for the week and safety routines on board.

Then we get ready for sailing and set course for Veiholmen.

Day 2

Today will be a transport leg from Veiholmen to Ålesund.

Day 3

We take time to visit Ålesund Aquarium, Atlanterhavsparken.

Then we continue on to Hoddevika, in good weather we make a stop here.

Day 4

We set course for Måløy, which is located just west of Nordfjordeid.

Day 5

We go from Måløy to the mighty Hornellen, which is Europe's highest sea cliff!

Then we continue on to Kvalvåg.

In good weather we continue straight across towards Shetland, in bad weather we continue south along land.

Day 6

From Norway over to Lerwick in Shetland, a 35-40 hour voyage awaits! Here we get a small taste of what it is like to cross large seas.

Day 7

We arrive in Lerwick, the capital and only city of Shetland. We will stay here for the next 2 days.

Day 8

We rent a car (included in the price) and get with us the most important sights and historical sites that are worth seeing in Shetland.

Day 9

We go from Shetland to Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, it takes about 18 hours.

On the trip we pass Fair Isle.

Day 10

We will stay on the Orkney Islands for the next 2 days, we leave the boat in Kirkwall and rent a car (included in the price) to drive around exploring the island.

Day 11

We also spend this day exploring the island.

Day 12

We continue towards Bergen after lunch.

Day 13

Crossing over to Bergen.

Day 14

We arrive in Bergen during the day.

Day 15

Departure day. We clean the boat and pack our bags.

Meet The Team


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